I can't say 'Grrr..', no..srsly~

'Grrr..', no.. I really cant :(

Call me Abz. I inhale food, money and dreams. A cheapskate, I do trivial blogs about my day..once in a blue moon.
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  1. good thing exam’s over!!

    good thing exam’s over!!

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  3. Finale.

    MIDTERMS..over!! Booyeah~ One term to go.. then goodbye SOPHOMORE YEAR! But this term is such a f*cking FAILURE. I started this semester with a bang as in high, competitive grades but when midterms came, okay never mind.. ‘I still have finals’. Maybe I was too confident with my previous performance, so I slacked off a little bit this time, I dunno..  Or maybe this terms is SO difficult, where there was case study and defense on my Operating Systems major, reports, completion of our group term paper(no offense to my groupmates, pero ako lahat ang gumawa, leche), and creating the program of the game, shocks.. so stressful.. hindi ko alam kung paano ako naka-survive. And this ‘saga’ continues, sh*t…

    Good luck to me and to all fellow students..I hope this term will be good. FINALS NA!

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