I can't say 'Grrr..', no..srsly~

'Grrr..', no.. I really cant :(

Call me Abz. I inhale food, money and dreams. A cheapskate, I do trivial blogs about my day..once in a blue moon.
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  1. Living young, wild, and free

    Living young, wild, and free

  2. Back - to- School by abz8877 featuring winter white shoesMadewell pocket tee, $16Tall jacket, $80DVb Victoria Beckham mid rise skinny jeans, $237Dr. Martens winter white shoes, £115Handbag, £35Marc by Marc Jacobs rock jewelry, $300Kate spade jewelry, $96
  3. Where Have You Been by abz8877 featuring rucksack bagsQuiksilver chambray shirt, $55Madewell summer top, $40Burberry chino pants, $250Denim bootsRucksack bag, €235Triwa watch, €200
  4. Stripes On Prints by abz8877 featuring metal jewelryLazy Lu v neck shirt, £38Ted Baker super skinny jeans, $145Head Over Heels Military-look jersey jacketRepetto oxford shoes, $329Wedding heels, 150 AUDMulberry genuine leather handbag, $1,350Gucci silver watch, £495Diesel watch, $225Dsquared metal jewelry, $145Kate spade earrings, $38Fantasy Jewelry Box 14k bangle, $28
  5. Just one more.. by abz8877 featuring retro shadesOasis button skirt, $77Madewell polka dot shoes, $62Toy Watch butterfly jewelry, £180Ray-Ban retro shades, $145Reiss wide brim hat, $95
  6. Boyfriend- Floral by abz8877 featuring tods shoesTop, ¥11,550Blazer, $130Short shorts, $64Tod’s tods shoes, $425ASOS leather clutch, $35Diamond earrings, $18,840Michael Kors stainless steel jewelry, $250LK Designs braided jewelry, €80Epice linen scarve, $225Eileen Young Ceramic Wood Mirror, $520Papua Natural Durian Wood Bathmat, £30
  7. Studs- on- Studs by abz8877 featuring loafer shoesEquipment silk blouse, £225V neck top, $99Denim short shorts, €169Wolford sheer hosiery, $60Loafer shoes, $165The Cambridge Satchel Company genuine leather handbag, £133